扱われるトピックは、芸術、IT技術、教育、ビジネス、科学の進歩のあり方から南北問題にいたるまで、多岐にわたります。 iSummit2008では、クリエイティブ・コモンズのコアな利用者に限らず、より多くの人に親しんでもらえるようなコンサートやワークショップ等のイベント色の濃いプログラムを行い、様々なアーティスト/クリエイターや、国内及び北海道地域在住の方々にも参加を募り、この機会を利用してクリエイティブ・コモンズに対する理解の裾野が広がることを目指します。また、世界中のオープン・コミュニティの人たちとの文化交流を図るプログラムも数多く準備されています。

Once a year, people from all over the world meet at the “iSummit” conference to discuss the latest developments and issues of Free Culture.

This year’s “iSummit 2008” will be held from 29th of July to 1st of August in a Japanese city that keeps its growth as the “Creative City” by truly devoting itself to foster the revolution of the digital contents industry: Sapporo.
Leading thinkers, scholars and artists from the fields of fine art, copyright, IT and economics, etc. will gather at “iSummit 2008” for open discussions and free information sharing concerning Creative Commons and related topics. Those topics will span a wide range, such as art, IT technology, science, education and North-South issue. At the same time, however, the participants of “iSummit 2008″ is not limited to core users of Creative Commons. We would like to invite anybody who has an interest in our ideas to enjoy the concerts andnumerous workshops held at ‘iSummit 2008”. We desire to let people better understand the activities and ideas of Creative Commons and raise awareness for our cause of Free Culture. In addition, joining our international open community, people will find plenty of opportunity for cultural exchange as well.
As we are now in the process of mapping out the particulars of the iSummit’s programme, we welcome you sharing your ideas for the event with us – so that we can mix them into a nice blend for all visitors to enjoy. Soon, we will create a special section on our homepage for your proposal of ideas and suggestions. We eagerly await all of your thoughts, comments and hopes for the “iSummit 2008”.