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アジアにおけるクリエイティブ・コモンズの役割とは何なのだろう?そんな疑問の答えを見つけるべく、クリエイティブ・コモンズ・ジャパンから我々二人が1月19日~20日に台湾の中央研究院で行われたACIA国際会議( “International Workshop on Asia and Commons in the Information Age (ACIA)”)に出かけたのでした。


William Fisher氏の基調講演においては、さらに一歩進んだ彼の考え方が紹介されました。それは著作者がどのメディアを通じても、何回著作物が視聴されるかによって対価を受け取ることができるという仕組みで、既にNoank Media (という形で実用化され始めています。このモデルを採用することにより、アーティストは彼らの歌が聴かれたり、動画を見てもらったりするたびに収入を得ることが可能となります。

もちろん、今年札幌で行われるiSummitに関する宣伝をする機会もありましたし、日本でのCC採用例について話すこともできました。さらに、MoShangやPig Head Skinといったアーティストが、クリエイターでありユーザーであるという立場から、アジアにおけるクリエイティブ・コモンズの役割を語ってくれました(かっこいい音楽も紹介してくれました!)。


執筆:クラウス・グレスブランド / Klaus Gresbrand
翻訳:東久保麻紀 / Maki Higashikubo


ACIA report 1.

What is the role of Creative Commons in Asia? The “International Workshop on Asia and Commons in the Information Age (ACIA)” was the place to go for in search of an answer to that question and so we (two representatives of CCJP) went.

On the 19th and 20th of January 2008 this issue was discussed among others in the Acamedia Sinica in Taipei and there was a concensus that the role of CC is perceived in a different way in Asia than in most western countries. This is especially so since many Asian countries do not have a strong copyright culture, so that the idea of sharing information freely is much more naturally adopted than the conservative western model of protective and exclusive copyright. CC licenses build on the existing copyright – does that mean that in order to appreciate CC licenses, Asian countries first have to adopt a rigorous western-style copyright culture?

After talks and discussions about changing views on property, the traditional Chinese perception of the meaning of “common” (公), case studies and other inspiring speeches the possible scope of Creative Commons in Asia became clearer, as we learned about the extent in which CC licenses are already adopted in many Asian countries.

The keynote of Prof. Dr. William Fisher went a step further and presented us with his vision of a media-flatrate and compensation to the creators according to how often their works are viewed or listened to. This vision is already turning into reality under the name “Noank Media” (

Of course we used the opportunity to talk about the upcoming iSummit’08 in Sapporo and give a short update on CC related projects in Japan.

Artists like MoShang and Pig Head Skin offered us their view on Creative Commons in Asia form the perspective of the creator and CC-user. (Oh, yes and also some great music!)

We look forward to the next meeting of the Asia Commons!

Klaus Gresbrand